Forrest Robinson

Forrest Robinson

President - Mission Communications

Forrest Robinson has been the President of Mission Communications since 2010. During his tenure the company has grown nearly tenfold in customer count and half that in employees. Forrest prefers participating in the recruitment of new staff members as it allows him to interact with people who are experts in their respective fields.

His work at Mission blends many skill sets. Forrest spends most of his time in technical and management discussions, but he enjoys working on mechanical or marketing projects as time allows. He can often be found in the Mission training room hosting information sessions for new employees.

He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1982 from The Georgia Institute of Technology. Extracurricular activities such as photography and computer science have proven helpful in his management of digitally-oriented small businesses where the value proposition must be presented in clear and simple terms and the workflow must be efficient and reliable.

In his free time, Forrest enjoys photography, woodworking, and outdoor activities in the mountains.